Writerly Talk


Let’s talk about writing.

I am devoting my summer to discovering myself as a writer. I am going to use this blog as a means to communicate what I learn along my writing journey. I want to share my inspiration, difficulties, progress, and discoveries with fellow writers, and I hope that you will share some of your own insights with me!



3 thoughts on “Writerly Talk

  1. I’m kind of doing the same thing this summer! I have a writing project I started over spring break but never really got around to it. I’m not using this summer (with the time I find) to work on that project, read more books, and try to develop myself as a writer.

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    1. Isn’t it nice to take the time to focus specifically on reading and writing?! I joined one of Gotham’s Online Writing Workshops and have found them really helpful. It gives me specific assignments that help warm me up for my personal writing project. I’ve found that the hardest thing for me is sticking to a schedule. Have you had any interesting insights into your writing process yet?

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      1. It really is! I feel like I can think more about the books I read, explore different genres and styles of writing, and just immerse myself in a literary bubble. I think I’m slowly learning about my writing process, but I would say what I’ve learned so far is to slowly approach my writing ideas. Before I would have an idea and try to commit to an outline and create a definitive beginning, middle, and end, but this time I’m going a lot slower and I find it’s a lot better for my writing because I feel more confident about what I’m including/discovering what to include in my story. I’ve been reading The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop by Stephen Koch and it has saved me from damaging myself. The advice is really helpful and makes me feel more confident about writing. I definitely agree with the struggle of committing to a writing schedule. I try to write a little everyday even if it’s a sentence because it’s a sentence more than I had before. Have you discovered anything?

        I just looked at Gotham’s Online Writing Workshop and it looks cool, but I unfortunately lack the funds 😦


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